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Cape Cod Classics
New Products

Originally Eden North West, Firesong Silverworks began with my father’s vision to carry forward the Carey tradition of quality craftsmanship, and offer our family jewelry designs to a new audience.

The Carey family designs are a renowned symbol of Cape Cod, MA, that began with my grandfather’s innovative Carey bracelet (a.k.a Screwball Bracelet).  John Carey’s Screwball Bracelet is famous world wide for its unique hidden clasp and precise custom sizing.

Firesong Silverworks captures three generations of Carey family creativity.  Our new online store offers my grandfather’s classic Cape Cod designs, my father’s designs, my sister’s designs and my own.

I am excited to offer our customers new quality hand crafted products and an all new ordering system. Our new products reflect a fusion of my family’s classic East Coast tradition of artistry with the elemental freshness of the Pacific Coast.

My sister, Emily Carey Ferris, and I craft all of our products on Canada’s beautiful West Coast. We use only 100% recycled sterling silver and 14kt gold.

I am proud to continue the Carey Family legacy with our new website.  I hope you like the new FiresongSilverworks.com.  We would love to hear feedback from our customers about our new website.


Owner, Firesong Silverworks Ltd.