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Firesong Silverworks is a progression of the Carey family legacy.  Alexander Carey and his sister Emily Carey Ferris continue the family tradition of skilled artisanship from the beautiful West Coast of Canada.

Originally founded by Trey Carey, Firesong Silverworks began as Eden Northwest Hand Arts.  Trey learned his craft from his father, John Carey, the original owner of Eden Hand Arts in Dennis, Massachusetts and designer of the famous Carey (a.k.a Screwball) bracelet.

In 1970, Trey and his wife Charlotte moved from Cape Cod to Lasqueti Island in British Columbia, Canada where they started a family.  For many years, Trey supplied Eden Hand Arts from the West Coast while raising his family.

Trey cherished his family and it was paramount to him that he pass on his values, skills and most importantly his standard for quality craftsmanship.

Trey passed away in 2002. His life was one of caring – for his family, his community and his craft.  His standard of excellence is mirrored in all aspects of the family business, from our warm customer service to the quality of craftsmanship that is represented in each piece of jewellery that is hand made for you.

Emily and Alexander, Trey’s children, carry on Firesong Silverworks.

Alexander apprenticed under his Grandfather John in Cape Cod and his father Trey.  He honed in on the Carey family business, supplying jewellery to Eden Hand Arts for many years, until 2007.

Emily learned her craft from her father Trey and her brother Alexander.

Together, they craft the traditional Carey designs as well as their own. They carry on the traditional artisanship that began with their grandfather and use it as inspiration to craft their own individual designs.  They take great pride in utilizing the skills they learned from their father and grandfather.

Our jewellery is created from sterling silver and 14kt gold that is 100% recycled and processed in an environmentally friendly way.